Normally when I travel, I don’t stay in one city for very long – just a few days at most. I usually stay in a hostel, which is like a hotel, but you sleep in a room with other people, and it’s much, much cheaper than a hotel. Here’s what a typical room in a hostel looks like:

Hostels are nice because they’re cheap (about $6-9 per night in Thailand!), and you can meet really cool people there. When you’re traveling alone, this is important.

This is my friend Polly I met at a hostel in New Zealand. We actually met in one town, and then met up a few weeks later in another town, and then met up in Thailand a couple weeks ago! And now we talk a few times a week on Facebook. If I had never taken this trip, I never would have met Polly, and that would be the saddest thing ever. Here’s us drinking mango smoothies in Bangkok (that’s another city in Thailand)…

So normally I would stay in a hostel, for sure.

But I new I wanted to stay in Chiang Mai for a while, so I decided to rent a small apartment – mostly because it was cheaper than staying in a hostel and I’m trying to save money, but also because I wanted some privacy after sleeping in a room with other people for the past 4 months!

In Chiang Mai, there are lots of apartment buildings that rent rooms one month at a time, because lots of people travel here for long periods of time, like me. So I asked a new friend I had made where the safest neighborhoods are, and he told me where I should be looking. I spent 3 days walking around the city and looking at apartments. The one I decided on is in a quiet part of the city, and is really clean and pretty. Here are a few pictures of my room:

This sweet apartment only costs me $180 per month. THAT’S SO CHEAP! An apartment in New York costs at least $1,500 a month, and a house in McKinney probably costs about $2,000 per month.  It’s cheaper for me to live in Thailand than to live in America – isn’t that crazy? AAAAND I get to see beautiful mountains every morning when I walk out onto my patio!

So that’s where I’m sleeping, for the next few weeks. It’s pretty much the best. Life is good in Thailand. 🙂

– Aunt Kelly!