This is what’s crazy about a place like Thailand. It’s so old that they have a million beautiful things just hanging out around the cities. The other day I was walking through a neighborhood trying to find someplace to eat, and I happened upon this crazy collection of white buildings.

They’re part of a temple.

A temple is like a church, but in Thailand, they practice mostly Buddhism instead of Christianity.

Some people think of Buddhism as a religion, but some people think of it more as a ‘way of life.’ If you are Buddhist, you (typically) believe in these three principles for how you live:

(1) Lead a moral life

(2) Be mindful and aware of your thoughts and actions

(3) Develop wisdom and understanding

Not a bad way to go through your day, huh?

The “priests” in Buddhism are called monks. Monks spend their whole lives (even from the time they’re younger than you!) studying and practicing those principles. You see them everywhere in Thailand, and you know who they are because they all look very similar.

For a long time, Buddhism was only practiced in Asia. But in the past couple of decades, it’s become very popular in America. I bet there’s even a temple in McKinney! (Although I’m sure it’s not as fancy as this one.) 


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