Food in Thailand is THE. BEST. FOOD. EVER. I love it so much, I wish you could come here and taste it.

Most foods include some sort of noodles or rice. Sometimes it’s a salty soup with chicken or pork in it (like the picture above), or sometimes it’s a curry. A curry is basically a sauce poured over rice and meat. IT’S FREAKING DELICIOUS. Green curry is my favorite – I eat it almost every day.

(I don’t have a picture of this because I always eat it too fast. I’ll take one tomorrow, promise…)

The food often very spicy, because they use a lot of red chilis – this is a tiny, but crazy-hot pepper. They chop up the chili and throw it in the food while it’s cooking, and it makes it hot, hot, hot. Crazy hot. For tourists, they usually tone it down since we’re not used to our mouths being on fire when we eat. I’m starting to get used to the spiciness, which is nuts because I’ve always been a big baby when it comes to food. But everything they cook here is so stupidly good, I’m finding my aversion to spice easier to conquer than I expected.

There are lots of crazy things about the food here, other than how spicy it is.

#1 Crazy Thing about Thai Food: It’s so, so cheap. I can eat a full meal for about 40 baht. That’s equal to about $1.25 in American dollars. I know you probably don’t think much about how much food costs, but trust me, that is SO CHEAP. When your family goes out to Carrabas, your kids meal is probably about $7. And your Mom or Dad’s meal is probably $15-$20. About 12 people could eat dinner in Thailand for the cost of one of those meals. Crazy, right?

#2 Crazy Thing about Thai Food: You usually eat it right on the street. Seriously, most of my meals are cooked by a lady who has nothing but a cart and maybe a couple of plastic chairs. They cook it right in front of you and then you sit and eat it, and then you walk away. Here’s a typical food cart:


At first it’s a little scary to eat like that, but then you get used to it, and then it’s really fun. I never have to go to a restaurant. I can just walk outside my door and there’s probably a cart with amazing food about 20 steps away.

#3 Crazy Thing about Thai Food: You never know what you’re going to get. Most thai people don’t speak English, so it can be really hard to order. You certainly can’t give detailed instructions about what you want or don’t want. Usually it goes something like this:

Kelly: “Soup? Chicken?”

Lady: (nods head)

And then a few minutes later she brings you something that may or may not be soup with chicken in it. Sometimes it’s something you don’t recognize at all and you just hope for the best. I’ve almost never been disappointed with anything I’ve been served. It’s pretty much always delicious.

When I started traveling, food was the thing I was the most nervous about. There are so many things I don’t like! But after being in all these wild places, I’ve gotten a lot braver, and now, trying new foods is my absolute favorite thing. (Although I still think corn is the grossest thing on the planet.)

When I come home, I’d love to take you to eat some Thai food. There are a couple of dishes I think you would really like. We can ask them to make it not spicy. 🙂

– Aunt Kelly