When I first got to Thailand, I had no idea what the food would be like, and I was a little nervous about it. So I signed up for a cooking class with my friend Polly (I told you about her in my post about my apartment). IT WAS SO FUN!

We learned so many things, like what ingredients are typically used in foods here, and how they’re prepared. And it taught me what I like and don’t like, so I’d have some idea of what to order in a restaurant. Here was my favorite dish we cooked in the class:

Tom Kha Soup

(pronounced “tome-kah”)


Tom Kha is made from coconut milk, fish sauce, ginger, lemongrass, and a bunch of vegetables. You can add chili oil to make it a little spicy if you want (I did!). Usually you add chicken, but Polly is a vegetarian so we took the vegetarian class, which means we used tofu instead of meat. You also add a little sugar and lime to make it just a little bit sweet.

Did you notice I said Fish Sauce??? Sounds a little gross, right? It’s a brown liquid used for flavoring. It stinks really, reeeeally bad until it’s all mixed in with your food, and then it’s DELICIOUS. Fish sauce is an ingredient used in a lot of Thai foods. The name is a little misleading – it doesn’t actually make your food taste like fish at all, unless you add way too much of it. If you don’t like fish sauce, you can just use soy sauce instead (that’s what we used in our class).

Everyone made their own bowl of Tom Kha. Our teacher said mine was the best! He made everyone come by and taste it. 😀

One of the coolest things about Thai food is that most of it is made in one big pot called a wok. It’s big and has a round bottom (like me, hahahahahahaha! Sorry. Your mom will laugh at that, I promise.).

Here’s what a wok looks like:


You put all the ingredients in in a certain order at a certain temperature and mix it up really fast with that shovel thing, and then it’s done and you’ve got food. 🙂 But in a cooking class, they measure out all the ingredients for you in advance, so it’s really easy and you don’t have to think much – you just do what they say.

So I’m not a fancy chef now, but I’m really glad I took the class… now I know a little more about Thai food, and I can say things like “I’ll take the Tom Kha” at restaurants and feel really confident and adult. And best of all, it reminded me that if I don’t know something that I want to know, I can just take a class and learn it!