I’m on the road again! Current locale: Cambodia.

Cambodia is a country situated between Thailand and Vietnam in a region of the world called “Southeast Asia.” Here’s where it is on a map:

Here is Southeast Asia up close, so you can see where everything is:


I’ve been staying in a city called Phnom Penh (puh-‘nom ‘pen) for the past couple of weeks. It’s the capital city, and has a lot going on. I’ll write a post or two about Phnom Penh, but first I wanted to tell you a few facts about Cambodia, as a country:

  • Size: In terms of land, Cambodia is about 1/4 the size of Texas – it’s very small for a country.
  • Population: About 13,000 people live in Cambodia. That’s about twice the number of people who live in the Dallas area.
  • History: Cambodia has been a country for a long time, and the people have dealt a lot of really difficult stuff, especially in the past 40 or so years (I’ll tell you more about this later).
  • Religion: Cambodia is a Buddhist country. Some people who believe in other religions like Christianity, but most people practice Buddhism. (You can read about Buddhism in this post I wrote last year.)
  • Life here: Life for Cambodians is not like your life in America. Lots of people are very poor, and there are not a lot of opportunities to make a better life for yourself.
  • The people: Cambodia is called The Land of Smiles, because the people here are so kind and smiley.

In the next few posts I’m going to tell you about the food and the weather and all the things I’ve seen and done here. If you want me to write about anything specific, put a comment in the box below and I’ll do it!

I love and miss you SO SO SO SO much!


Aunt Kelly