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Food in Thailand

Food in Thailand is THE. BEST. FOOD. EVER. I love it so much, I wish you could come here and taste it. Most foods include some sort of noodles or rice. Sometimes it’s a salty soup with chicken or pork in it (like the picture above), or sometimes it’s a curry. A curry is basically a sauce poured over rice and meat. IT’S FREAKING DELICIOUS. Green curry is my favorite – I eat it almost every day. (I don’t have a picture of this because I always eat it too fast. I’ll take one tomorrow, promise…) The food often very spicy, because they use...

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Getting around

In Thailand – and specifically in Chiang Mai – there are lots of ways to get around…. By Car Not a ton of people have cars in Chiang Mai, but some do. Mostly they’re trucks or SUVs, because there are lots of very steep hills outside of the city, and you need a hefty vehicle to get up and down them safely. By Taxi In Chiang Mai, taxis are called Songtaew (pronounced: song-tow (tow, like towel)), and they’re actually pickup tricks with benches in the back and a cover over the bed. I take them when I’m going somewhere at...

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Where I Sleep

Normally when I travel, I don’t stay in one city for very long – just a few days at most. I usually stay in a hostel, which is like a hotel, but you sleep in a room with other people, and it’s much, much cheaper than a hotel. Here’s what a typical room in a hostel looks like: Hostels are nice because they’re cheap (about $6-9 per night in Thailand!), and you can meet really cool people there. When you’re traveling alone, this is important. This is my friend Polly I met at a hostel in New Zealand. We actually...

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Temples and Monks

This is what’s crazy about a place like Thailand. It’s so old that they have a million beautiful things just hanging out around the cities. The other day I was walking through a neighborhood trying to find someplace to eat, and I happened upon this crazy collection of white buildings. They’re part of a temple. A temple is like a church, but in Thailand, they practice mostly Buddhism instead of Christianity. Some people think of Buddhism as a religion, but some people think of it more as a ‘way of life.’ If you are Buddhist, you (typically) believe in...

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I’m in Thailand!

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. It’s just below China and east of India. It’s very, very far away from America. Zoom out on this map to see where it is in relation to where you live. Chiang Mai This is where I am right now! Thailand is also near Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Laos. I want to go to all of these countries, but I really like Thailand, so I’ve decide to stay here for a while. I’m in a city called Chiang Mai right now, which is the second biggest city in Thailand. It’s in the northern...

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How Do I Pronounce…?

Cambodia = "cam-boh-dee-uh"
Phnom Penh = "puh-nom pen"
Thailand = "tie-land"
Chiang Mai = "chang-my"
Songtaew = "song-tow" (like towel)
Tuk tuk = "took took"
Buddhism = "bood-iz-um"
Baht = "bott"