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I’m on the road again! Current locale: Cambodia. Cambodia is a country situated between Thailand and Vietnam in a region of the world called “Southeast Asia.” Here’s where it is on a map: Here is Southeast Asia up close, so you can see where everything is: I’ve been staying in a city called Phnom Penh (puh-‘nom ‘pen) for the past couple of weeks. It’s the capital city, and has a lot going on. I’ll write a post or two about Phnom Penh, but first I wanted to tell you a few facts about Cambodia, as a country: Size: In terms of land, Cambodia...

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Cooking class

When I first got to Thailand, I had no idea what the food would be like, and I was a little nervous about it. So I signed up for a cooking class with my friend Polly (I told you about her in my post about my apartment). IT WAS SO FUN! We learned so many things, like what ingredients are typically used in foods here, and how they’re prepared. And it taught me what I like and don’t like, so I’d have some idea of what to order in a restaurant. Here was my favorite dish we cooked in the...

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It’s Raining Dogs!

There are SO MANY dogs in Thailand. They’re EVERYWHERE. Some of them are owned by people, but most of them are strays. They hang out in the street or near restaurants and beg for food. Sometimes they run around in packs and sometimes they curl up in the middle of the road and take a snooze. Car coming? Don’t care. This one lives outside of the grocery store I go to: The people don’t seem to mind… The dogs are gentle and don’t really bother anyone (except when they’re begging for food, which can be annoying, but only happened a few times to...

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Thailand is famous for open-air markets. People buy and sell EVERYTHING at markets. You can get fruit or meat or toys at the market, or clothes or cell phones… It’s almost like a mall, but (most of the time) outdoors and with lots of umbrellas. And every store is just a table. So basically nothing like a mall, other than the fact that malls and markets both sell things. Never pay full price… The other big difference between a market in Thailand and a normal store in America is that in America, there’s a price tag on everything and you have...

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Shoes off!

Sometimes when you go into a building in Thailand, you may be asked to take off your shoes before going inside. This is mostly the case for homes and hostels and temples, and sometimes also stores. The reason for this is that Buddhists believe that a person’s spirit (or soul) lives in their head, and the feet are the farthest part of your body from your head, and therefore, the least holy. The dirtiest. And shoes – because they touch your feet AND the ground – are super, super dirty. So you take them off when you enter a special...

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How Do I Pronounce…?

Cambodia = "cam-boh-dee-uh"
Phnom Penh = "puh-nom pen"
Thailand = "tie-land"
Chiang Mai = "chang-my"
Songtaew = "song-tow" (like towel)
Tuk tuk = "took took"
Buddhism = "bood-iz-um"
Baht = "bott"