How it started…

This is me at my old job. I worked with teenagers in New York City, and I really, really loved it. But I had worked there for 8 1/2 years, and I had never really taken a vacation. So one summer I took a 5-week trip all around Europe, which is a really long time to not be working. I’ve always worked, a lot. My life was built around my job, and I didn’t really do much else.

This was the first time I turned my brain off and just had fun.

A funny thing happened while I was traveling: As happy as I was in New York, working with teenagers, I realized I was even happier traveling. And since I had already been working there for so long, I thought maybe I should try this new life for a change, just to see how it might go.

I left New York in February 2016, which means I’ve now been traveling for just over 5 months.

(I make stuff like this at work!)

How I pay for my travels…

I knew there were parts of my job that could be done from anywhere in the world. A part of my job was to design show art for the plays we would produce (that’s what my organization did – we produced plays written by teenagers), and so I asked my boss if I could do that while I traveled. He would have to hire someone else to do the rest of my job, but that was okay with me because I was looking for a big change.

So now I still design show art (this is one I did recently!), and I also build websites for people who need them, and I help nonprofit organizations with small projects here and there. (I have a website for all of this too, if you want to see it!

I don’t make a lot of money doing this – just enough to pay for food and housing and getting around. But it’s enough for me to be happy, and that’s what I really care about.


How long I’ll be doing this…

I don’t know! I really, really like traveling, so I’m going to try to do this for as long as I can. Maybe one day you can come visit me!


– Aunt Kelly